NutraBio Athlete, Andrea ‘KGB’ Lee Defends Title with Dominant Style!

NutraBio Athlete and MMA professional, Andrea KGB Lee stepped back into the cage to defend her Flyweight Title on 9/20/2017 for LFA 23 in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Lee never disappoints and typically dominates her opponents in the most stylish way. NutraBio had the pleasure of spending a couple days with Lee as she was preparing for this fight. Dedicated, determined, and an absolute beauty are just some words that come to mind when describing her. Lee has been using NutraBio products for the last year and has stated that the products have made her weight cut 100x better than before and she feels better while cutting. It’s a true pleasure working with athletes that understand the importance of good nutrition and supplementation! explains Lee’s fight in detail,

“Lee, defending her LFA women’s flyweight championship for the first time, ate a couple of hard leg kicks early in the opening frame, a statement from Thorton that she would not go quietly into the night. KGB Lee, however, soon began getting the better of the exchanges, utilizing her arsenal of kicks, Thai clinches, and superior striking ability. Towards the end of the first round, a crisp left hook connected with Thorton, knocking her senseless. Somehow she survived, only to eat a high side kick to the throat which knocked her on her back. Again finding the will to carry on, she would survive the first round despite eating numerous knees from the clinch, not to mention some nasty elbows.
It wasn’t long into the second round, however, before Lee found her finish. After some early success from KGB, Thorton managed to wrap her arm around Lee’s neck, looking for a guillotine choke. As the fighters fell to the canvas, however, Lee was able to land on top, secure side control, and after breaking free of Thorton, latch on to her arm and get her leg in position for a kimura. It was mere moments before the challenger was forced to tap, and with that, KGB Lee had her first successful title defense. ”


We are so proud of you Andrea!! 


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