NutraBio Now Gold Certified by Stack3D’s Testing Program

Stack3d Certified is a testing program performed by Stack3D intended to help companies prove that what is on their labels is in their supplements. We volunteered to take part in this program and agreed to have Stack3D purchase a random product from a randomly selected retailer, and send it straight to the lab to test for its main ingredients and doses.

Stack3d Certified program has been running for over a year, and the brands that have been a part of it since the beginning are now allowed to use the Gold certified badge. After passing all four of the Stack3D tests in the past 12 months Nutrabio, is one of the few that have earned the premium stamp.

We take pride in the accolades that come with having a great product. The truth is we take more pride in knowing the product we sell meets every label claim and works… period. We believe this should be common place. Until it is you can always trust NutraBio. Thank you Stack3D for shining some light on the good guys. We appreciate you!

Dan Margolis

NutraBio Vice President

3 thoughts on “NutraBio Now Gold Certified by Stack3D’s Testing Program

  1. Still miss Java whey protein. All those other one you have besides chocolate are a little to kid like. You know like fruit loops. It cheapens your product name I think. And the ingredient you use for sweetener I would like to see removed.

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