Jake D. – Testimonial

I started getting really into fitness last summer; you’ll notice my string bean like body.  I’m a tall guy about 6′ 5″ and have Always struggled packing on some serious muscle.  So last fall and winter I decided I was going to try to pass my firefighter eligibility tests, but I wasn’t strong enough to do them.  I started training every day! And I still, with my massive appetite was only putting on a few pounds every other week or so.  I looked into getting mass gainer found NutraBIo and fell in love.  I started weight 135 – 140 lbs. when I discovered your mass gainer.  I manager to shoot up to over 180lbs! In a matter of 5months, I took all my tests passed every single one of them and now I have the ‘beach body’ I’ve always wanted. Unlike last year at the beach. now women actually turn their head and stare at me! Not the other way around.

Even if I win or lose I honestly don’t care I Love your products.

Jake D.


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