NutraBio Wins Trusted Brand of the Month for

NutraBio has won the coveted Trusted Brand of the Month award for December 2014 on! We are so proud to have so many loyal customers and fans of our products, with a weighted average of 8.3/10 after 60 reviews on over 30 products! We also are now ranked #27 out of 381 brands reviewed on the website, making NutraBio among the top 10% of all brands!

What does it mean to be a Trusted Brand?
If a company has the Trusted Brand badge, it means that at one point, they had some of the highest rated products on our site. Our trusted members put their products to the test and the consensus was that this brand makes quality products at a fair price.

How we determine the winner
Each month, we run an automated computer program that analyzes the last 6 months of activity for each brand. Our program takes into account reviews, reviewer trust, overall scores and other factors to determine the winner.

A brand can only win this award once. Once a brand has received the award, they are considered a “Trusted Brand” for life.


Be sure to check out all of the reviews for yourself, and review a product if you have the time!

3 thoughts on “NutraBio Wins Trusted Brand of the Month for

  1. I have been using your product for several years as you can see by my order history. You may also have noticed that I have not made any large product purchases in 2014. The reason why? The disappearance of quantity discounts. Are there any plans on bringing them back in the future?

  2. Hello! I think the brand “NutraBio” the best in the sports nutrition market in terms of purity and naturalness of the raw materials used! The company “NutraBio” in continuous development and experiments, there are always new products! NutraBio, this is what you need to maintain fitness level and well-being, without fear of harm to their health, unlike most manufacturers of sports nutrition! I am satisfied “NutraBio”, with the exception of price increases in recent months and this can be explained, of course. Therefore, I suggest the company’s management “NutraBio” provide their regular customers enhanced bonus terms and discounts! You all the benefits and further development in the business!

  3. It’s about time. With all the research and trial & error I’ve been doing on supplements, I was wondering why Nutrabio hasn’t got the credit it deserves. I love how clean the supplements are and how well maintained Nutrabio is with their customer relations. I can’t think of a single downfall to Nutrabio. Congrats. This is well deserves

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