NutraBio Sponsors 2nd Annual Crossfit Shrewsbury Partner Palooza

NutraBio is expanding our outreach program by sponsoring events within the functional fitness community.

NutraBio was one of the main sponsors of CrossFit Shrewsbury’s 2nd Annual Partner Palooza which featured feared co-ed teams competing in RX and scaled performance divisions. The event was held at CrossFit Shrewsbury and had competitors from 12 different Crossfit boxes across New Jersey including many regional level Crossfit Games competitors in attendance. Overall, the event was a huge success for Crossfit Shrewsbury and NutraBio.

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“At CrossFit Shrewsbury we have a standard of excellence that we try to meet in everything that we do. As a gym we are always trying to separate ourselves in every way possible. That is why we only look for the best when looking for sponsors for our events. It was a no brainer to bring NutraBio on board. They have some of the best quality products we have come across when looking to supplement for performance. They list everything they use and how much on their labels so there are no surprises. Aside from that, we are always looking to partner with companies that represent themselves and the community in a positive light. NutraBio does all of that. We are lucky that we had NutraBio with us for Partner Palooza!” said CrossFit Shrewsbury co-owner Corey Lunney.

The core products being sampled out were PRE: Explosive Performance Pre-Workout Igniter, Intra Blast: Intra Workout Amino Acid Fuel, Super Carb: Performance and Recovery Carb Fuel, and the award winning 100% Whey Protein Isolate: Ultimate Lean Muscle Protein. These premium sports nutrition products are a perfect fit for fitness enthusiasts who demand ultra-clean products that are formulated with unrivaled attention to detail to push performance to unheard of levels. Athletes that use them see results without question. Because of this, they are rapidly becoming a favorite among athletes and NutraBio is a seeing huge expansion into retail stores and affiliates across the country.


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