NutraBio Launches Orange Mango INTRA BLAST

Orange Mango INTRA BLAST is the third flavor of NutraBio’s intra-amino powerhouse released since may. Other flavors include Fruit Punch and Passion Fruit.Intra Blast
Intra-workout amino acids have become a staple for any true athlete for one simple reason:they accelerate recovery. INTRA BLAST, without question, is the most advanced intra-workout amino acid muscle fuel ever created. It was designed to work synergistically with NutraBio’s PRE EXTREME and POST. It’s loaded with 20 G of total amino acids broken down to 10G of total EAAs, 7.2 G BCAAs, 5 G glutamine, 2 G betaine, 1 G OKG, 2 G of taurine along with an electrolyte and hydration optimizer.

  • Boosts recovery while you train
  • Accelerates strength, endurance & performance
  • Replenishes and rehydrates
  • Contains an advanced electrolyte performance matrixintra label
  • Has zero fillers or additives
  • No proprietary blends and full label disclosure.

INTRA BLAST is made in our own FDA registered and audited GMP certified facility here in the United States that complies with 21 CFR Part 111 dietary supplement manufacturing regulations.

NutraBio is a family owned business. For almost 2 decades we have been committed to formulating and manufacturing our supplements without ever compromising quality or efficacy. We do not use proprietary blends and always give full label disclosure listing each and every ingredient along with its exact dosage right down to the flavor and sweeteners. We never under-dose ingredients and never add fillers or excipients and most importantly, we always guarantee full label claim.

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