Get Ready For The New & Improved PRE-EXTREME!

NutraBio launches PRE EXTREME with improved formula and new flavor.

Continuing on the release of the newly reformulated PRE with new formula changes, we are excited to announce the release of the newly reformulated PRE EXTREME, also available in the new Green Apple flavor. This is the fourth flavor option in the PRE EXTREME line, which also currently includes Watermelon, Raspberry Lemonade and unflavored.
PRE Extreme

Based on the latest clinical research and athlete testing, PRE EXTREME has received some upgrades in formulation to help lead the way in innovation in the pre-workout category. Formulated with a potent array of amino acids, infused with cyclic dextrin (complex carbs) and combined with an all-inclusive stimulant complex, PRE EXTREME is designed specifically for serious athletes. Like all of NutraBio products, PRE EXTREME uses full clinical doses and has no proprietary blends, backed with a 100% transparent label.

About the New Formula
The upgraded formula of PRE EXTREME contains the following changes:
• 4mg of Yohimbe HCL has been added
• Betaine increased 70% from 1.5g to 2.5g
• 300mg of TheaPure L-Theanine has been added
• Huperzine-A increased 100% from 50mcg to 100mcg
• 2g added of PharmaPure Creatine Monohydrate
• Phosphorus has been increased by 14mg
• Potassium has been increased by 1mg

pre extreme new label

pre extreme label











PRE Extreme v4 Label                           PRE Extreme v3 Label

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6 thoughts on “Get Ready For The New & Improved PRE-EXTREME!

  1. This product is still not kosher. If the athlete who maintains a kosher diet is important to you, which I assume is the case, as many of your supplements are OU certified, replace the ingredient, Hordenine, with another one. Alternatively, have Hordenine processed without the unkosher enzyme and you will find you have more buyers of PRE Extreme than by adding a new flavor.

    • There are 3 ingredients in the PRE Extreme that are not currently certified as kosher: hordenine, n-methyl tyramine and cyclic dextrin. Cyclic dextrin is major component of Pre Extreme that sets it apart form other pre-workouts. We a re working with the manufacturer to get this certified kosher.

    • David, we a re still working to make this kosher, however, cyclic dextrin is still not available as a kosher ingredient. The enzyme used is not kosher. We did recently make PRE kosher. The difference between the 2 is basically the added carbohydrate in the form of cyclic dextrin. Without the CD you have PRE which is now kosher in all flavors.

  2. There are 3 ingredients in PRE Extreme that are not currently kosher: hordenine, n-methyl tyramine and cyclic dextrin. Cyclic dextrin is the major component of PRE Extreme that is not kosher and cannot be replaced being that it is a patented ingredient only available from one manufacturer. We are working with that manufacturer to get cyclic dextrin kosher. If we can, than we can work on the others.

    • Hi Mark, I must spend $250 a month at Nutrabio. What can you do to expedite the kashrus of Pre Extreme and Post Extreme? I am into weight lifting and I’m an Orthodox Jew. Where I live lots of us work out. I tell my friends they must buy their supplements at Nutrabio because they’re kosher. I noticed in this world, most people who don’t work out tend to be obese. They have no conscious, when it comes to eating clean or how much they eat. Just my own opinion, but no one listens to me. They just pop whatever tastes good into their mouths without considering the consequences.

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