Coming Soon – Natural, Organic Plant Protein

Organic, Plant Protein made from the purest ingredients. This Vegan, Non-GMO Protein is Gluten Free, Soy Free and Kosher. This brand new protein is made from 4 protein sources: pea, rice, hemp and a variety of mushroom proteins. We also added an enzyme blend. NutraBio Organic Plant Protein will be available on 4/15/2016.

✔No fillers, additives or excipients
✔No proprietary blends
✔100% transparent label
✔Manufactured in our FDA Inspected Facility

plant protein

NutraBio previewed this new Natural, Organic Plant Protein at Expo West in Anaheim this March and we couldn’t fill the cups fast enough. Everyone loved the chocolate and vanilla flavors and how clean it is. We are extremely proud and excited to be releasing this vegan, organic alternative protein option.

We guarantee you’ll love it! Coming soon.

25 thoughts on “Coming Soon – Natural, Organic Plant Protein

  1. I captivates your approach to translate their ideas!
    I am glad that the company NutraBio not standing still, and continues to grow by developing increasingly advanced products!
    You are on the right track and deserves the highest rating, so there is no doubt in the success of your next new product!
    I wish you success!

  2. So happy you guys have come out with this! I’ve been using your whey protein isolate for a few years now and I absolutely loved it. Recently I found out I have an allergic reaction to dairy products and can no longer have whey! My naturopath told me to get on pea protien as an alternative and the first thing I did when I got home was check my favorite supplements website nutrabio.Com for pea protein but unfortunately nothing… Then yesterday I was checking my email and saw then advertisement for the plant protein! Unfortunately I also have an allergic reaction to mushrooms… hopefully you guys will offer a pea, hemp, rice protein individualy in the future! I am die hard nutrabio fan and don’t want to get my supplements anywhere else. As always I appreciate your dedication to quality and purity

  3. It’s about TIME !!!!!!

    I’ve been BEGGING you Guys to come up with
    this Product over 6 yrs now DO TO Estrogen Mimics
    in Soy Isoflavin.

    Albeit, the Legendary Nick Delgado, Raw Foodist and Longevity GURU
    has informed everyone to say NO WAY to WHEY Protein Products.

    I will BUY THIS without Sampling the Product.

    Hopefully, NutraBio Organic Protein Stack Up to
    Leaders of the Pack in this Category; DELGADO PROTOCOL, Health Force “Warrior” Protein and Sun Warrior.

    Took you Six Years to DO IT as least you Listened.

    A RAW FOODIST, Dream has come True !!!

    50 lbs Please and FREE Shipping.

    NutraBio Customer and over 10 yrs.

    Many, Many Thanks !!!!!!

    FCB from D.C.

    • Thank you FCB! We appreciate your loyalty over the last decade. We always have our ears to the ground, especially when our loyal customers are asking us for new things. Glad we were able to deliver on this!

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