NutraBio Intra Blast: Premium Workout Fuel Beyond BCAAs

Intra-workout amino acids have become a staple for any true athlete for one simple reason: They accelerate recovery. Our team at NutraBio set out to design an intra-workout that relied on the latest research on athletes and decided to take the path least followed when it comes to intra-workouts. Instead of copying everyone else and creating a branch chain amino acid (BCAA) product with some under-dosed “bells and whistles,” we created an essential amino acid (EAA) powerhouse. Ironically, this revolutionary formula is loaded with more BCAAs than most of the competition, too!

Mike and CJ from review NutraBio’s stellar intra-workout supplement Intra Blast!

Every ingredient has an incredible dose to help accelerate your recovery and fuel your performance. Take a look at any competitor on the market, and you’ll see that they fall short in some area of their formulation. We recognized this and decided to put your recovery and performance first. What we’ve come up with is a highly advanced formulation built specifically for the performance and recovery needs of any serious athlete. You TRAIN WITHOUT COMPROMISE, and we’ve put every ounce of effort into creating INTRA Blast WITHOUT COMPROMISE.

BCAAs are actually EAAs but there are other critical amino acids to consider besides BCAAs when it comes to repair and growth. The reason EAAs are considered “essential” is because your body can’t synthesize them. Unfortunately, most companies don’t use the full EAA spectrum because they are hard to flavor and very expensive compared to just BCAAs. At NutraBio, we don’t shy away from challenges, which is why we chose to take on this difficult formulation task to combine the best of both worlds in creating INTRA BLAST.

2 thoughts on “NutraBio Intra Blast: Premium Workout Fuel Beyond BCAAs

  1. So what is in PRE stim free and Reload that makes my face tingle around 10 minutes after I take them. Just curious. Workouts are going great since I started using them last week.

  2. Would love to try this product but don’t use sucralose. I try to stay clean and think the latest research on sucralose is dangerous. Plus I am a type 2 diabetic and have to be senitive to sugar and artificial sweetners. Have you considered coming out with a natural version of this product? I just started taking your Whey Isolate Natural and BCAA 5000 and love these products. Glad to see a company that is producting products that are healthy for bodybuilders instead of the junk you find in the store.
    Thanks again!!

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