Protein: How Much Extra Is Required To Build Muscle

One pound of muscle tissue contains ~100 gram of protein. Therefore, an individual would have to ingest an extra 14 grams of protein per day to gain 1 pound of lean mass weekly. Although this calculation is easy, in practice, it is not that simple. Most experts believe the single most important factor in gaining lean mass (along with resistance training) is consuming a hyperenergetic diet. To ensure the body has sufficient energy for lean mass creation, consume an additional 200-400 calories daily above maintenance requirements in addition to consuming a little extra protein.

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    • Good morning Pete and thank you for the comment. For clarification the ketogenic diet causes your body to utilize fat, not protein, as fuel. Getting into a ketogenic state will differ from person to person but if it is something you want to try, shoot for 60-70% calories from fat, 20-30% calories from protein, and 5-10% calories from carbs on a daily basis and adjust as necessary. Also, there are several websites that offer keto calculators and keto friendly food lists that you may find useful. I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.

    • Hi Pete…could you please be a little more specific with your question regarding the ketogenic diet so I can provide you an accurate answer.

      • I’m have been on meet for almost 3 months. I have noticed I have lost body mass. I have been also told that it’s important to keep protein down so that the body can use fat not carbs or protein
        Please explain and give me right formula. Thanks

        • Hi Pete…a lot of variables in play as to why you are losing body mass. But to answer your first question. Yes, too much protein can throw you out of Ketosis. Questions for you. How much protein are you currently consuming on a daily basis? What is your current macro breakdown while doing keto? How many total daily calories are you eating? What is your training like?

          • Based on all the info you provided you are getting 2345 calories (using the upper end of the macro breakdown you provided) daily. That might be enough to cover RMR but probably not enough if you throw exercise into the mix. That is my best guess as to why you are losing body mass without knowing more specifics about you. Try upping your calories by 500 day using the same percentages of macros. I would also recommend upping your protein slightly but experiment with it and find the upper limit that won’t throw you out of ketosis.

  1. I’m a 44 year female I want to lose weight plus tone. I weight 205 my goal weight is 165. How much protein do I need. I’m also African American and have a hour Glass figure but I need to get this fat off my thighs and thighs. Help

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