The Whey protein bait and switch scam!!

I received this sample of Whey Protein Concentrate 45% from a manufacturer. I crossed out the manufacturer’s name; obviously, he didn’t know who NutraBio was before he wasted his time sending us this garbage. It came with a note attached stating: “Included sample of WPC45 recommended for 49%-49% blend with WPC80. Add 2% WPI90 for label dressing. I have a limited supply ready for immediate delivery. Let me know how much you need.”

I responded very simply:

ZERO! “Add 2% WPI90 for label dressing.” WTF!!! You might as well add salad dressing to your protein powder. WPC45 is whey concentrate that is only 45% protein and the rest is fat, lactose and cholesterol.

For those of you who haven’t been following my whey concentrate rants, here is a quick summary of this common industry scam. The USDA defines Whey Protein Concentrate as any protein derived from whey that is between 25% and 89.99% protein value. As long as it meets these two requirements it can be labeled as whey protein concentrate without distinguishing the protein percentages.

The industry acceptable practice is to blend 2-3 types of whey concentrates together to get the cost down. WPC80 (80% protein) and WPC34 (34% protein) are the most common, but there is also a 45, 60 and 75 and everything in between. The lower the percentage of protein the higher the fat, lactose, and cholesterol. Even though a brand adds multiple inferior whey concentrates to their product, they list just one ingredient on the label: “Whey Protein Concentrate” so the consumer never knows what’s really in the product they are buying. Then they sprinkle in a bit of more expensive Whey Protein Isolate (WPI90), micellar casein or hydrolyzed whey just to make the label look good. In the end, the consumer thinks they are getting a great protein powder because the label hypes it all up, but in reality, all they get is a tub of cheap crap.

At NutraBio I have never blended WPC into my protein. My Whey Protein Isolate is pure WPI90 and my Muscle Matrix is 55% WPI90 and 45% Micellar Casein. Both of these proteins are WPC, filler free, excipient free, and additive free, except flavoring if you want it. I refuse to compromise your results by compromising the quality of my products.

Mark Glazier,
NutraBio – Without Compromise Since 1996

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  1. It’s surprising how there are fake whey protein powders. Guess most things today are not all authentic. How could people know if it’s original?

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