High Protein Diets: Are They Detrimental To Bone Health?

At one point in time scientists believed that high protein diets increased calcium excretion and thus negatively affected bone health. More recent research suggests otherwise. Net stores of bone calcium are not affected by high protein diets and can actually increase calcium absorption. Furthermore, lack of protein may even have detrimental consequences to bone health. A 2013 study discovered subjects with chronic low protein intake were at greater risk for more bone loss and lower bone density.

One thought on “High Protein Diets: Are They Detrimental To Bone Health?

  1. Gonna need more information than “recent research suggests” before any wise conclusion can be made that we should not increase calcium intake with a high protein diet. There are numerous studies that show high calcium levels in urine when the subject is on a high protein diet. This means that the subjects are loosing calcium at a higher rate than when on a low protein diet.
    Stress fractures among athletes are often blamed on overtraining, but given the above fact, and the lack of hard evidence other than “ recent research suggests”, I’ll continue to add calcium and magnesium to my protein, until actual evidence proves this to be unnecessary …
    you can experiment with your body as you see fiit…

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