Protein Wars Winners!

“Thank you to everyone who supported NutraBio in the STACK3D Protein Wars this year. I’m sad to say that we lost by under 2% in the tightest competition STACK3D has ever had. I can not believe the extent to which you have all gone to support us in the Wars and in everything we do. It was heartwarming and I am forever grateful. Your faith in what we do reaffirms my commitment to improving the supplement industry, educating consumers, and producing the absolute highest quality, honest supplements.” ~ Mark Glazier

Winners of a Year Supply of Protein

Alexander Casillas
Danielle Gaylord
Rob Destefano
Frank Rodriguez

Winners of a 2lb Bottle of Protein

Dominick Catinella
Shauna Koehler
Hanna Wilson
Dan Schultz
Preston Cohen
Shera Wu
Tim Sargeant
Carlos Robles
Catherine Passanante
Luke Yoder
Saul Pinsky
Brian C Desautels
Josh Govero
Andrew Hufford
Raphael Elashvili
Deepesh Patel
Louie Hachiya
Gial Maciya
Kipp Davis

One thought on “Protein Wars Winners!

  1. I don’t think the way you guys went about protein wars was in the best interest of your customers. How can one vote for nutrabio If they never tried the other protein. I tried it and it’s outstanding. Did you guys try it? All you really did is show your customers that there is another great protein on the market that taste better. You take a chance of losing customers by introducing them to other great proteins that they see that many others are willing to fight for. It makes you curious hence why I tried it.

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