NutraBio takes label transparency to a new level with TRUE FACTS!

NutraBio is introducing another industry first: TRUE FACTS, an alternate Supplement Facts Panel that discloses more about our supplements than the FDA allows us to show on the label. It’s a whole new level of label transparency.

It seems that I hit a nerve last week with my rant, “Supplement brands using regulations to rip you off, say it ain’t so.” The story exposed how companies misuse the FDA’s regulations that require the rounding of values on supplement facts panels. After the post hit, I was swamped with questions and comments, along with loads of praise and, of course, the expected ridicule. PricePlow and Stackd3d did follow-up stories and I ended up spending the week responding to both fan and hate mail.

The link to the blog is below, so please read it to become familiar with the rounding scam. The story shows how the values for macros, micros, calories, Daily Values, etc., that appear on supplement facts panels don’t always match the values that are actually in the product. Since Federal regulations force us to round those values, they often can be a bit misleading. The problem isn’t the rounding regulations themselves, but how unscrupulous brands misuse those regulations to rip off customers.

After writing that rant, it occurred to me that I always preach TRUST BUT VERIFY. That’s why I started the no-proprietary blend movement back in 2001, the full disclosure concept, and the website. I feel that if you say you do something, you should show it, which led to the idea of “TRUE FACTS.”

In the upcoming weeks, NutraBio will add an alternate “Supplement Facts Panel” to our website called “TRUE FACTS.” We will add this for each supplement we sell. The True Facts panel will have unrounded values: the raw, untouched data. The FDA’s Label regulations force us to round values on the Supplement Facts panel, which can have consequences. But with TRUE FACTS, you’ll see it all: full transparency of every micro, macro, calorie, and DV. So, if our protein has 0.4g of fat, but rounding regs forced us to declare fat as ZERO on the label, True Facts will show it all.

I’m going to take transparency one step further by disclosing the calories for amino acids. The regulations for supplement facts panels only allow us to show the calories associated with protein, fat, and carbs. But free amino acids also have calories, they just don’t get included on the label. For example, leucine, a very popular amino, has 6.2 calories per gram. So your favorite BCAA formula with 5 grams of BCAAs may claim no calories, but TRUE FACTS will show the true count of 30 calories per serving.

NUTRABIO TRUE FACTS panels for all of our supplements will soon be added to the product pages on I will also add them to the website, so you’ll be able to view them along with 3rd-party test results of all our supplements.

Total Transparency—Total Disclosure—It’s what NutraBio customers deserve!!!!

Mark Glazier
NutraBio Labs
CEO & Founder

Supplement Brands using regulations to rip you off? Say it ain’t so…

15 thoughts on “NutraBio takes label transparency to a new level with TRUE FACTS!

  1. Will the labeling address whether Nutrabio has high levels of heavy metals — see below. Nutrabio was not one of the brands tested by the Clean Label Project. Do you have testing data on metal levels?”

    “Protein supplements contain concerning levels of heavy metals, study says
    A study by the Denver-based Clean Label Project showed that 40% of 134 protein powder brands tested had elevated levels of heavy metals, such as mercury, cadmium, lead and arsenic, and levels of toxins such as bisphenol A on a measurable level higher than the regulatory limit. The study also found that the products, which were certified organic by the Department of Agriculture, were twice as likely to have heavy metals in them as nonorganic powders.
    Food Safety News (2/28), Consumer Reports online (2/28)”

  2. Respect. I’m not a bodybuilder or anything, but I go hard doing Athlean-X workouts, and Nutrabio is the only brand I’ll buy or recommend. I gotta support a brand that is staking its reputation on giving you what you paid for.

  3. What is truly disgusting is that the Federal Government will NOT ALLOW you to put True Facts on the actual label. Their argument is that your true facts will “confuse” the consumer even if your label is side by side with the government mandated label. This of course is so much horse manure AND a violation of your free speech rights. However, the government cannot have peons like you challenging their dictates, and the mega companies that run the FDA cannot allow you to show them up! Of course, truth is an absolute defense, but how can a small company like NutraBio spend millions fighting what would be a lengthy and protracted court battle perhaps going all the way to the Supreme Court?! Good for you Mark for bucking the inherently flawed system in whatever practical way you can. But beware, the FDA may still come after you for publishing “misleading” material online. I am sure you have discussed this with your attorneys, but this has happened to other companies, and almost always at the behest of larger competitors.

    • We won’t have any legal issues because we follow the label regulations exactly. The TRUE FACTS panels that we will be adding won’t be misleading, they will give more detail than is needed. It is not allowed on the supplement facts panel but there is no rule that you can’t publish it in other areas. Thanks for your comments.

  4. Much respect. I found NutraBio in late 2017 and I have vowed to never use any other brand of proteins again. I also love NutraBio pre and intra workout powders.

    Mark, what you have done and continue to do deserve the utmost praise and RESPECT. I preach your brand around the bodybuilding community.

    Thank you for doing what you do.

  5. Hi, regarding your naturals line, specifically “Organic Vegan Plant Protein”, why are there enzymes in it? Are they necessary in this case?
    You have posted in the past “that enzymes are for a company’s benefit not the consumer” so as a result you don’t have any in your milk derived protein products.

    P.S. Respect and commendations for doing the right thing and educating consumers and making quality products.


  6. Hi Nutrabio
    After thorough research I just bought your product – Classic Whey Protein 5lbs – from BodyBuildingLatino here in Panama for my two sons who lift weights religiously. I would like to mention that your representative Bodybuilding Latino here in Panama is a top notch outfit with great customer care and superior competitive zeal. The product appears to be first class, is working effectively and your overall reputation is unmatched. I am in fact more than satisfied with the quality of the product and especially the reasonable price offered here in Panama by BodyBuilding Latino. However, I am curious about a couple of anomalies-
    1- After looking over and over again I cannot find an expiration date or date of manufacture on the product and I would be pleased if you would explain where either of these are located on the bottle so I can know if the product is still fresh. If only the date of manufacture is present, then please tell me how long is the shelf life of this product.
    2- Wrong Amino Acid Profile- Congratulations for putting the amino acid profile on the bottle. The product claims not to be amino spiked and protein spiked. To help with that claim, it’s important for companies to include the Amino Acid Profile. However I see the amount of cysteine and I see “0mg”. I added the milligrams of each amino acid and it gave me the 25 grams of Protein listed on the bottle. I also checked online about Amino Acid profiles and with other protein supplements to see if they have Cysteine and they do. But how is Cysteine 0mg!? As a biological fact, it seems you can’t have a WPC80 without Cysteine. Furthermore, how is it that the amino acid profile all adds up to the stated protein amount without Cysteine which necessarily HAS to be there? This necessarily means the complete list of Amino Acid profile amounts is skewed and wrong! Dude, you NEED to light a fire under a few people’s asses! Who-so-ever was in charge of printing that label and who-so-ever was in charge of checking it was right needs to start earning their pay! This misprint of the whole labeled amino acid profile kind of negates the underlying reason you are doing it in the first place! The main reason I bought the product was because of your reputation for manufacturing the best most effective product on the market … and oh yeah- TRUST.

    In any case that is my rant. I still think your product is great I will probably still use it for as long as I can get it at a decent price- however with the proper response to this email you could probably ensure my loyalty.

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