NutraBio Supports First Responders, Our True American Heroes

First Responders are putting themselves and their family’s lives in danger every day by serving on the front line of this pandemic. These are the true American Heroes and NutraBio wants to support them as best we can!! Our GMP manufacturing facility remains open because we are considered essential services by DHS so we wanted to put it to good use doing what we do best: healthy supplementation for our First Responders. 

Starting a few weeks ago, I dedicated part of the NutraBio factory to help First Responders by manufacturing a supplement called First Response that is formulated to support the body’s immune system. It won’t prevent or cure COVID-19 but if we can support the immune system in any way during these times, it is a positive step.

We realized that many of the nutrients needed for immune support are sold-out across the country and First Responders are having a hard time getting ahold of them. So we have put together all of the important nutrients your body requires to support immune strength into “First Response.” It is hypoallergenic, lactose and gluten free and has no added chemical excipients. It contains healthy doses of Vitamin C, D3, Zinc, copper, selenium and N-Acetyl cysteine, all nutrients to support the immune system. We are donating this to First Responders nationwide. It is absolutely free, it’s just our way of helping out those on the front line. We are prioritizing the NY/NJ region because it was hit so hard. The bottles are sanitized and have been manufactured in a CGMP cleanroom environment.

We have supplied masks and sanitizers to local first responders and will be donating protein to Emergency Services that can use it most.

So far our First Responders program has been a tremendous success. We have gotten important supplementation into the hands of thousands of police, nurses, EMT, OEM, firefighters, the National Guard and even the U.S. Coast Guard. We are supplying First Response to individual First Responders as well as entire Police, Fire and OEM departments and in some cases the emergency services of entire towns including OEM, Fire, Police, First Aid Squad and EMS, and DPW.  I am proud that we manufacture our supplements right here in the United States and that we are able to serve our country’s heroes.

To request First Response for yourself or your organization, click here.

Mark Glazier
President / CEO
NutraBio Labs, Inc.
[email protected]
FB: mark.glazier.52
IG: themarkglazier

11 thoughts on “NutraBio Supports First Responders, Our True American Heroes

  1. This looks like an amazing product for us frontline workers. We definitely need to keep our immune system strong to continue helping those who’s isn’t!

  2. Hey guys hope you are all safe and healthy during these crazy times. I am a first responder of NYPD and received an email about your first response supplement. I would love to get all the help I can out there with all extra immune boosting. Could I send you over any of my info for some help with a donation?

  3. I am a nurse at JFK Hospital in Edison NJ. How can I get some of this for me and my coworkers?

    Thank you so much

  4. Thank you for supporting first responders. I am a nurse at Strong Memorial hospital in Rochester, NY. Love the products I purchase from NutriBio!

  5. Thank you for making a product that can help keep me healthy at times like this! I am definitely interested in getting a bottle of this product since I work in the lab of our hospital and as a lab worker, we are around covid patient samples daily. How can I order?

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