NutraBio gets support from Essex Food Ingredients for its First Responders Initiative

NutraBio Labs Inc., a dietary supplement manufacturer located in Middlesex, NJ, has dedicated part of its cGMP manufacturing facility to making supplements to support first responders. In the first phase of this program, coined “First Responders Initiative,” NutraBio developed an immune support supplement named First Response that was donated to thousands of local doctors, nurses, police officers, paramedics, firefighters, and military personnel. In April, that program was expanded to support first responders nationwide.

“First responders are putting themselves and their family’s lives in danger every day by serving on the front line of this pandemic. They are all true American heroes, and NutraBio believes we have an obligation to help and support them as best we can. I’m proud that we manufacture our products here in the United States and prouder to be able to serve our nation in this great time of need,” stated Mark Glazier, CEO of NutraBio.

Recently, Essex Food Ingredients donated $5000 to support NutraBio’s efforts with the First Responders Initiative. “Words cannot express how grateful we are to first responders during this critical time. Thank you to all doctors, nurses, police officers, paramedics, firefighters, and military personnel. You have given your all to protect our families, colleagues, friends, and neighbors! Essex Food Ingredients is proud to donate to this extraordinary endeavor,” said Matt Rita, V.P. of Essex Food Ingredients.

“We’re finishing up on another 8000 bottles of First Response immune support today that is being donated nationwide to First Responders. We have been out of stock for a few days because of the growing demand but started shipping again yesterday. I’m on the road again this morning delivering locally. Grateful to the NutraBio team for the hard work and dedication they are putting into our First Responders Initiative (FRI). I get to see every day, firsthand, what goes on behind the scenes here and I’m proud of our team’s efforts to help those in need. FRI has been growing almost exponentially and up till now NutraBio has been able to handle it on our own, but we want to expand it even further.” #AmericaStrong

The First Responders Initiative is now in its third month and, to date, has donated supplements to over 10,000 individual first responders and hundreds of police stations, fire departments, hospitals, EMS and First Aid Squads, OEMs, military units, and other organizations on the front line. In addition, NutraBio has been providing masks and sanitizer to police and EMS units and in May will start donating protein powder to first responders in need.

“A tractor trailer full of NutraBio First Response heading out to support first responders across the country. After being out of stock for a few days the orders built up quickly, but our amazing team in the shipping department stayed behind, and did not quit until the truck was filled to the tailgate so that all the police, nurses, firefighters, EMS workers and other first responders that we committed to, would have their supps shipped before the weekend. Thank you a Victor & team… you are the best of the best!!!!!!!”

“We consider ourselves fortunate that the Department of Homeland Security has deemed our business an essential service. I am proud that we have remained fully operational and have kept our entire team employed during these trying times. We remain committed to supporting first responders for as long as we can: They are American heroes, and they represent the best of all of us,” Mark Glazier.

11 thoughts on “NutraBio gets support from Essex Food Ingredients for its First Responders Initiative

  1. How about delivering some protein powder to the Harvey Cedars Police and Fire Department on Long Beach Island, NJ ? It is a small department that will be seeing the heavy influx of summer people in another week.

    My grandson, Stephen Adams, is a police officer in this department (he works Wednesday thru Saturday). I know they will truly appreciate it.

  2. This is incredible! I’m sure I can speak on behalf of my Blue Family here in Chicago and say thanks so much for your support of first responders!

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you consider the men who work for a sanitation department in a city on Long Island as essential? I think they would definitely enjoy this product to help their immune system.

  4. Thank you so much for your dedication and generosity! I have 3 first responders in my family. My brother is a doctor in Utah, and our son is a Fire Captain/Paramedic in Gilbert, Az. His wife, Jennifer is and RN in Gilbert at Mercy Hospital. I myself use your products and know you offer the very best. I am so happy to support a business like yours, that truly cares about the health of everyone. Sincerely, Susan Yakus

  5. My wife works in the lab testing people for Covid-19
    How can she partake in this great support you’re providing?

  6. I really appreciate people that do put their lives in danger to protect us. Especially military personnel. As for firefighters, police and medical personnel. Yes I do appreciate them to. To an certain amount of appreciation. But Not to recognize them for every time a major issue occurs. That is your job! You elected to do this job as a public servant. We didn’t force you to do anything that you you didn’t sign up for. Yet we the people who are really out there on the front lines of this pandemic. The one’s who go’s to work each day dealing with anywhere to 100 or more people per day. Dealing with people we have no idea if they are infected. People who are not willing to understand the fact we have rules to hopefully protect them and ourselves. We the common worker do this every day and night. Not knowing that we might be the next person infected or we carry it home and expose our love ones. But we don’t wear a badge. So our efforts don’t exist. Woohoo first responders, bask in the glory. We know who the true heroes are we don’t no damn parade.

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