How to Cure the Dreaded Shaker Bottle Funk

How many shaker bottles have you gone through in your lifetime?  Probably more than you care to remember, right? Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone.  Shaker bottle funk can affect the best of us, and regardless of how many times you wash them, sometimes the stench just never goes away.  Well, there are a few hacks out there to cure your woes and keep your favorite shaker bottle from smelling like a hot, steamy pile of dog turds.

However, with that being said, there could be some instances where your shaker bottle is simply unsavable.  If you’ve ever left your shaker in your car during a hot summer day and forgot to wash out your protein shake residue, there may be no coming back from the unholy smell that will consume the walls of your shaker bottle.  In that case, it may be time to trash it and invest in a new one.  Additionally, you’ll know things went south as soon as you open your car door, and that horrendous smell hits your nose.  A little Febreze and keeping your windows open should save your car.  Otherwise, you may walk around with glassy eyes each time you get into the driver’s seat until it finally dissipates.

As a little tidbit of advice, it is wise to always rinse out your shaker at a minimum after each use.   Doing so can help alleviate the smell if you aren’t able to wash your shaker right away – such as when you’re leaving the gym to run errands or go to work.

In this article, you’re going to find some helpful ways to cure the dreaded shaker bottle funk and have your shaker bottle smelling good as new.

The Coffee Ground Duo

This coffee ground trick will probably become one of your go-to methods if you’re a fan of coffee.   Why?  Because it’s like chalking up two wins with minimal effort required.   On top of making yourself a solid cup of Joe to get you through your day, you then get to use the grounds to help kill the shaker bottle funk you’ve been experiencing.

After brewing your preferred pot of coffee, allow the coffee grounds to cool.  Once cooled, take some of the grounds and dump them into your shaker bottle. You’re going to want to make sure that the coffee grounds are still damp.

Once you pour in the grounds, place the shaker bottle’s lid back onto the shaker cup body and make sure the cap is closed.  Then, let it sit for several hours (you can even do it overnight if you wish).  When several hours have passed, go ahead and dump the coffee grounds into the trash.  Next, thoroughly wash your shaker bottle and lid to clean out any leftover coffee ground residue.

Upon completion, you should have a cured your shaker bottle funk by allowing the coffee grounds to absorb the odor.

Fill It and Forget It Baking Soda and White Vinegar Solution

For this trick, you’ll need a box of baking soda and a bottle of white vinegar.  The process is quick and straightforward, as all you need to do is dump some baking soda into your shaker bottle and then pour in a little white vinegar to help clear out your shaker bottle funk.

What you want to do next is place the top back onto your shaker bottle and ensure the lid is closed and secured.  Then, give your shaker bottle a few good shakes to mix the solution inside the shaker.   Next, open the lid back up and let your shaker bottle sit on the counter for several hours or overnight.  In the morning or after a few hours, pour out the liquid and wash the shaker with hot water and soap.

Specialized Products to Eliminate Odors

There are plenty of deodorizing solutions out on the market these days, but one product was explicitly made for shaker bottle funk.  The product is called WheyClean.  As the name would imply, it’s a product made for the fitness enthusiast and gym rat at heart.

With a product like Whey Clean, all you need to do is dump one packet into your shaker bottle and add water (the directions are on the packaging).  Place the lid on, secure the cap, and shake it for around 30 seconds.   Let the product sit in the shaker bottle for 30 minutes before dumping it out and washing the bottle.  One application should be enough to solve your shaker bottle funk problem.

Mouthwash for Mouth Funk and Shaker Bottle Funk

Last on our list is mouthwash – yes, the same stuff you use to fix bad breath. It’s generally used to kill bacteria in your mouth and have it smelling fresh and clean.  This tip is fast and can save your shaker in a matter of a minute.

In order to use this hack, pour a considerable amount of mouthwash into your shaker (you may need the big bottle of mouthwash as the smaller single-use ones won’t be enough).  While you’re at it, go ahead and pour some in your mouth and practice good dental hygiene as well.

As with all of the other methods, place the lid back on the shaker and close the lid.  Then, shake it up.  Once done, pour out your mouthwash and give your shaker bottle a good washing.  Now, your shaker bottle should be odor-free and smelling fresh and clean.

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