Fueled By Passion: Social Media Coordinator and Athlete Manager Hailee Kerr Wins First Place in her NPC Wellness Class

NutraBio’s own Hailee Kerr won 1st place in Wellness Open Class B at the NPC Steve Stone Metropolitan Championships on April 9. Hailee completed her prep while working full-time as our Social Media Coordinator and Athlete Manager. Here at NutraBio, “fuel your passion” is not just a slogan, it’s the lifestyle we live without compromise every day.

Competing hasn’t always been easy for Hailee. Beginning in the Bikini division in 2018, she crossed over into Wellness in 2020. Although she felt it was the right decision for her goals and training style, it wasn’t a smooth transition at first. Hailee’s first Wellness show in 2020 did not go as planned. After a disappointing placing, “it was clear I needed to take some time away from stage in order to grow into the more muscular Wellness division.” She decided to end her 2020 season after only one show, and transition into a building phase so next time would be different.

At that time, Hailee was working as a Customer Service Representative at NutraBio. She spent her days answering customer emails, happily offering advice over the phone, and learning as much as she could from her mentors at the company. Outside of work, her evenings and early mornings were spent at the gym, meal prepping, and getting adequate rest to build as much muscle as possible in her offseason.

Last summer about six months into this building phase, Hailee was promoted from NutraBio’s Customer Service team to our Social Media Coordinator and Athlete Manager. In her new role, Hailee was now working closely with CEO Mark Glazier and Exec. VP Dan Margolis, and working directly with Team NutraBio. “Mark and Dan took a chance on me and I suddenly found myself doing what I loved every day. It felt like everything was starting to fall into place.”

Now Hailee spends her days planning content, attending photoshoots and events with the athletes, and interacting with our followers on social media. “I’m surrounded by an incredibly passionate, goal-oriented group of people and I draw inspiration from them daily.” In fact, many of the athletes and BioCrew members have become Hailee’s close friends.

When it came time to prep for the NPC Metropolitan Championships this year, Hailee knew she was ready. Surrounded by positivity and support from Mark Glazier, Dan Margolis, colleagues inside NutraBio HQ, and the team of athletes scattered across the country, Hailee’s prep flew by without a hitch. She coasted into the show and her first-ever class win.

Currently, Hailee feels she is exactly where she is supposed to be. She’s planning to keep pushing, going after a national-level show and hopes to win an IFBB pro card one day. “Maybe it’s my year, maybe it’s not. But I know I’m on the right path with the right company and people supporting me.”

“Fuel your passion” is not just a slogan here at NutraBio. It’s the lifestyle we live every day. Look out for more success from our athletes inside and outside of the company in the near future!

Follow Hailee on IG: @hailee611
Hailee is coached by Andrew Berry. IG: @berryswole

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