Remember Tony Montana’s last words in the bloody chainsaw scene in Scarface: “Chichi, get the yayo!” Well, much has changed since 1983, and nowadays Chichi would fire back; “Fuck the yayo, I’m grabbing the creatine!” Before you start thinking I’ve … continue reading

Dietary Supplement Supply Chain Update: The crisis continues.

You know the supply chain crisis is getting real when you write a $310,000 check for a truckload of whey protein this week, that same truckload cost $231,000 a couple weeks ago, and just $119,000 for the same product earlier … continue reading

Dietary Supplement Industry Supply Chain Update

Unfortunately, I have no good news to report since my last update with regards to the supply chain issues that we’re currently facing in our industry. It’s getting worse folks, not better. The global supply chain is still experiencing disruptions, … continue reading

NutraBio Announces Collaboration With KLZ To Incorporate Novel Ingredient 3D Pump Breakthrough In New Pre-Workout

July 15 2021 – Middlesex, NJ: Over the last year, NutraBio has been working with KLZ quietly under a non-disclosure agreement to develop a ground breaking pre-workout powdered dietary supplement that leverages 3D Pump Breakthrough’s unique and beneficial properties and synergies. “When NutraBio launches our new, flagship … continue reading

Dietary Supplement Supply Chain Update: Creatine and Citrulline are getting out of control.

As you already know from my previous updates, there is a global shortage of creatine monohydrate, and supply of raw material to manufacturers is virtually nonexistent right now. Warehouses are bare, and even brands that have contracted in advance are … continue reading

Dietary Supplement Supply Chain Update: Major manufactures use force majeure to cancel orders.

My past updates have been fairly negative and rightfully so, as the supply chain across this country is a disaster and continues to worsen every day. This is true not only for the dietary supplement industry but also for all … continue reading

Dietary Supplement Supply Chain Update: Transportation costs skyrocket – Whey price soars.

To put it mildly, it’s not getting any better, and the best estimate is Q2 before we feel any relief. If you have been following my updates, you know there are major issues in the dietary supplement industry severely disrupting … continue reading

Dietary Supplement Supply Chain Update: Prepare for a bumpy road.

Yesterday I received a quote for creatine monohydrate. The cost was 3.3 times higher than back in March. Worse yet, delivery wasn’t available until late July. Albion, the top mineral manufacturer has an empty warehouse and is currently unable to … continue reading

Dietary Supplement Supply Chain Update: Ingredients prices on the rise as supply tightens.

I’ve been warning about the dire straits of the dietary supplement supply chain for months now, and the situation is getting worse every day. New maltodextrin contracts are no longer being accepted, supply is short and prices are increasing. Starches … continue reading

Dietary Supplement Supply Chain Update: Prices soar, plan or die.

Recently I’ve been mentioning how upside down the supply chain is in the supplement industry. Raw ingredients prices are skyrocketing, and the ingredients themselves are hard to come by. Delivery dates have increased by months. Bottles and caps have grown … continue reading