Intra Blast… What is it? Who should take it? How should they take it? What sets Intra Blast apart?

What is it? INTRA BLAST is a comprehensive powerhouse amino acid and electrolyte product designed to provide you with everything you need to perform at your best while maximizing recovery between sets during intense training. INTRA aka DURING your training … continue reading

Episode 2: COVID, Growth and Old-School Training | Shaun Clarida – Eye’s on the Prize: Mr. Olympia 2020

Shaun Clarida lives for bodybuilding. To say it is his passion just doesn’t give it justice. Shaun does the hard stuff plain and simple. He doesn’t do it for trophies or glory, shit he certainly doesn’t do it for 3rd place. … continue reading

Oats for Breakfast – Overnight Cold Oats or Blueberry Protein Pancakes!

Oats for Breakfast – Overnight Cold Oats or Blueberry Protein Pancakes! Stuck in a rut for breakfast options?  No worries — we have you covered.  Here are two new recipes that will taste amazing, keep you full, satisfy your sweet-tooth, … continue reading

Gains & Early Morning Workout Sessions

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or maintain muscle mass there’s one serious component you can’t neglect when hitting the gym for a morning workout – fuel. Training in the morning in a fasted can cause muscle breakdown and leave your body depleted of energy and power. Here’s how you can keep those gains without having to scarf down a meal. continue reading

Top Five Budget Friendly Supplements for Fat Loss and Muscle Growth

Without a doubt, one of the most popular questions I get in and out of the gym is, “What supplements do you take?” Besides recommending NutraBio for all my supplement needs, I usually need to ask my question in return, … continue reading

Which Whey to Go When Choosing a Protein

Hundreds if not thousands of protein powders are available on the market today. This often makes choosing one that suits individual training and dieting goals a bit confusing. Even for the most nutrition-savvy customer, the attractive package and bold claims … continue reading

The Top 6 Benefits of Intra-Workout Supplementation

We are all familiar with pre and post workout supplementation. As the names imply, these are supplements (pre-workouts and protein powders for example) we can take before or after exercise that can enhance performance, build muscle, and promote recovery.  While … continue reading